Welcome Letter from ACI

Dear delegates,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 11th Annual ACI Airport Economics & Finance Conference & Exhibition, 12-14 March 2019 in London, United Kingdom, the premier global event on this topic, designed by and dedicated to aviation financial professionals.

This year, we explore solutions for the most pressing current and emerging issues in the field, with the theme: “Paradigm shifts in the airport business”. Ever evolving aviation market dynamics, changing consumer habits, digitalisation are increasing competitive pressures upon airports. Along with long-term demand trends, these competitive pressures have far-reaching implications for economic regulation, airport slot allocation, commercial revenues generation, route development, concessions and infrastructure financing. All issues we will be discussing and debating with a line-up of  top experts and professionals.

We continue our successful pre-conference collaboration with the World Bank. They will open with the 5th Annual ACI-World Bank Aviation Symposium on 12 March to explore the risks and opportunities of global lenders and investors in the airport industry. Participants can expect valuable analyses of global and regional economic forces that airport executives and investors need to understand.

We are ever mindful that airport executives are continually compelled to make tough decisions, monitoring a wide range of qualitative and quantitative factors to remain efficient and stay competitive. Today, many airports are operating near, or at, capacity with the risk or reality of congestion, high costs, low levels of service and frustrated demand. Airports are collaborative by nature and optimising the use of existing infrastructure is a must.

Nevertheless, with the forecasted growth of air service demand, substantial investment in airport infrastructure is required and quickly. To create the fertile ground for this investment requires the right aviation policy – one that recognises the economic externalities airports bring, while also meeting the needs of consumers, communities and environmental stewardship.

The programme we have prepared will allow decision makers to reflect upon and share their lessons learned, renew collaboration, and jointly craft investment and growth strategies. We live to vary the format, to keep the energy up and the ideas flowing, so the programme includes sessions, presentations, live interviews and panel discussions with investment experts, industry leaders and top-level decision makers and influencers from a range of fields.

This is the must-attend conference that never fails to deliver on its promise. We look forward to seeing you in London, 12-14 March 2019.

Thank you,

Angela Gittens,
Director General, ACI World


Olivier Jankovec,
Director General, ACI EUROPE


Patti Chau,
Regional Director, ACI Asia-Pacific