Welcome Letter from The World Bank

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Airports Council International (ACI) 9th Annual Airport Economics & Finance Symposium and Conference! We are very pleased to hold the third ACI-World Bank Aviation Symposium this year, which marks the continuation of a long and positive cooperation between both organizations.

The global air transport industry continues on its successful path, marked by strong growth especially in certain emerging markets, and healthy consolidation in more mature regions. Globally, our industry now supports 63 million jobs and $2.7 trillion in global GDP.

Continued growth in air travel is one of the essential pillars for economic development in emerging markets as it fosters a global marketplace of which all economies can benefit. Sustainable growth however, requires investments in modern infrastructure, such as airports and air traffic control systems, which needs to operate safely and securely in an ever expanding environment. Airports often need to invest large amounts of funds to meet future demand. However, raising capital for investing in long-term aviation infrastructure can be challenging in some regions, especially where investors are concerned about issues such as effective regulation, good governance and economic sustainability.

The third ACI-World Bank Aviation Symposium aims at drilling down on risk and opportunities of airport Public Private Partnerships (PPP) by highlighting the role of regulators, discussing particular risks, exchanging experiences of best practices and exploring new PPP opportunities. The Symposium will constitute a learning experience, which will allow participants to interact with experts of various fields in the area of PPP in airport infrastructure development. The insights and conclusions of the symposium should be carried-over to the ACI Airport Economics & Finance Conference, contributing to a fruitful discussion on related topics.

We hope you take the opportunity to fully engage in these discussions throughout the three days of the ACI Airport Economics & Finance Symposium & Conference.

Dr. Charles E. Schlumberger
Lead Air Transport Specialist
The World Bank

Dr. Charles E. Schlumberger