We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a walking tour of Kuala Lumpur – date and time TBC. Please book your attendance when you register online.

Ingredients of Kuala Lumpur focuses on the most important essence of what the city is made of – its rich historical background and its people that comes from difference races, beliefs and culture. Hear and learn about the rich colonial legacies, architectural heritage and decorative landmarks that once housed the British during their era.

Experience the unique and vibrant culture of the Malay, Chinese and Indian from the locals themselves – from the temples where one marvels at the beliefs of others, entertained by the music and dances, appreciate the local handmade handicrafts and savour the flavours of local delicacies.

Embark on this amazing journey of discovery starting from the Independence Square where it all began, from the old British colonial buildings to the river confluence where Kuala Lumpur got its name. Next, spend some time shopping and bargaining at the Central Market and Chinatown for anything from local handicrafts to “genuine fake”